For Nanny From Grant

Thinking back to when I bounced on your lap

I remember a smile that cut cheek to cheek,

I’d look forward to the time I spend with you

From week to week,

Rocking in a chair you’s stroke my hair as I’d

Drink my warm cup of tea.

Those were the fondest times, the ones of you and me.

You’d hum a tune in the late afternoon as the sun sets

In the west.

With a dip-in in hand and a kiss on command you always

Would give me the best.

Your works of art and giant heart inspires me everyday.

Never down, nor a frown, You would always have something

Positive to say.

With a love so bright you’d make everything right.

With your arms open so wide.

All I’ve grown and all you’ve shown.

I’ll be forever at my Nanny’s side.

Love, Grant

Grant makes breakfast for his nanny, Jessie Hatfield

Grant sings a song for Jessie Hatfield

Grant Hatfield with Jessie Hatfield and Henri Hatfield